Alex & Corban, Island Bay

New build

In 2019 we were fortunate to be involved in this incredible project for Alex & Corban, bringing their vision for a contemporary North Shore home that pushed design boundaries to life.

The couple’s 3 bedroom dream-home was envisioned as a contemporary European abode, crafted in a timeless style, but in a modern, innovative way.

Expertly designed with their architect and frequent collaborator, Fraser Horton, the house achieves an oasis-like seclusion of sorts, blending with the native forest in the area, while adding privacy and fortitude with high walls that secure the property, pool and courtyard.

Inside, we brought their two-story floorplan to life with unique features, including a floating staircase, panel product instead of traditional framing, leading insulation systems and full length window that frame the native bush and stunning view of the Waitemata harbour.

With various textural finishes, from paint to plaster, stone, wood and marble we worked with diverse materials to craft the Walls’ living space in keeping with their intended aesthetic, creating a home we are as proud of as they are.

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"Ben’s team have been a key part of this build and we really appreciate how eager they have been to take on this challenge of a house."

Alex & Corban